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400T water receiving ship design successfully delivered for use

We in 2010 in early April, finished 400 tons of water receiving ship design, detailed in the recent success delivery. Construction use
The ship for single deck, single (goods under the oil tank for double bottom) of steel welding structure, the whole machine, single propeller, single rudder control of single tank shell, mainly to receive all kinds of ships 60o > flash points along the water.
Our ship is sailing for coastal area and in the sea shore not more than 10 HangOu cover.
15 tons manoeuver boats sailed, 30 tons manoeuver boats sailed manoeuver boats sailed tons, 45, jianghai 1 suction hopper dredge
Marine products, acted DF1 east windmill installation ship, 1 - center platform, PEMEX living building blocks, the chunxiao CEP MSF, MI, M3
2600TEU container 30,000 tons of bulk left
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